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CBD Ray™ | CBD Testimonial©

CBD Ray™ CBD Testimonial©

CBD Restored My Broken Life ©

CBD Ended My 10 Year Opioid Dependence, Chronic Pain, Depression, & More

How CBD Saved & Restored My Life

A Series of Serious Orthopedic Injuries, Arthritis, & Extreme Pain Nearly Destroyed My Life

A Series of Serious Orthopedic Injuries, Arthritis, & Extreme Pain Nearly Destroyed My Life

Because of decades of chronic pain that began by being run over and dragged by a car at 12 years old which resulted in a broken back, spinal dislocation, a fractured hip, and a broken ankle each day of my life brought with it a little more pain.

At age 56, I sustained a life altering foot injury called a “Lisfranc” which fractured my metatarsal, all of the metatarsal bones, ligaments, and toes which required several surgeries, pins, screws, and fusions. I spent 8 months in bed in excruciating pain and realized my life was slipping away as I knew it. During the next 10 years I was unable to work and provide for my family, unable to participate in the enjoyment of life with family and friends, continuing to fall into declining health, gaining excessive weight, and living each day in a “medicated zombie daze” from 160 opioids a month, nightly doses of strong sleeping medications, muscle relaxants, and much more left me not knowing who I was anymore.

As a last hope effort I tried CBD Oil seeking that elusive relief for my chronic pain in hopes of saving my life. I was shocked find that from my first dose of CBD I felt some immediate effect on my pain, or at least I thought so. Could it be possible that I had finally found the relief that I had prayed for for so many years?

After about a week of using CBD twice a day, I was becoming convinced there was in fact a reduction my pain, my multiple daily spasms, my insomnia, many other symptoms I lived with. I considered that it may be a combination of the CBD and opioids that was having effect in minimizing my pain? After a couple of months, I began weaning myself off of the opioids and increasing the milligrams of CBD that I was taking each day. Here’s what happened next:  

• CBD Ended Many Years Of Arthritic Pain & Associated Physical Disability

• CBD Ended Chronic Back Spasms & Muscle Spasms Throughout My Body

• CBD Ended Decades Of Nearly Unbearable Chronic Pain

• CBD Ended My Gastro Intestinal Problems From Opioid Usage

• CBD Ended My Opioid-Induced Constipation

• CBD Ended My Deep Life Threatening Depression Brought On By Extreme Pain, Inability To Work, Loss Of Activity With Family, & More All Made Worse By 10 years Of Prescribed Opioid Dependency

• CBD Ended My Decades Of Chronic Insomnia

• CBD Ended & Reversed My Extreme Weight Gain of Nearly 100 lbs From My Lack Of Activity & Mobility

My once hopeless life has been totally restored and rejuvenated beyond my wildest imagination with my daily doses of CBD!

I now walk 20 to 30 miles a week basically pain free.

I am able to lift weights and have added muscle throughout my body.

I lost 100 lbs in 8 months and have kept it off for more than 3 years.

I experience a good full night’s restful sleep most every night medication free.

I have not experienced any back spasms, muscle cramps, or tendon cramps since beginning to take CBD Oil.

I am able to enjoy time with my family and friends and appreciate life like never before.

I am and will forever be opioid free!

My personal life changing experiences with high quality CBD Oil prompted me to begin giving my Field Spaniel CBD several years ago and the results are truly amazing. He is 12 years young with the energy and vitality of a body of a two year old. Everyone who meets him for the first time on one of our daily walks always ask, “how old is your puppy?” When we disclose his age, they are 100% of the time absolute stunned. The Veterinarian who sees us for annual checkups says he has never seen a dog of his age with the muscle tone he has and his exuberance for life is unmatched.

My mission in writing this personal CBD testimonial is to dispel the misinformation about high quality CBD and to share with as many people as possible my true story of the complete restoration of my life from the daily use of high quality CBD.


CBD Ray,